In this blog, we will talk about some dirt street stock setup tips that you can use to make sure your racing experience is as good as possible. Before that, you have to understand how to prepare dirt track tires and dirt racing flag as well as talking about the necessity of balancing your car and defining the term ‘wedge’. So, what is wedge in dirt racing? Wedge is the offset balance within your tires of your car.

Having A Balanced Stock Car

Discussions about dirt track racing for beginners and making your car balanced have now become considerably more popular. This is because having a balanced car can give you a greater chance of winning every race you participate in. This doesn’t mean you will win, or that there are any guarantees, but it does mean that your car will perform at its best. A balanced car does not happen by itself, and certain things need to be kept in mind during the process. A balanced car will also resist the tendency to fade during extremely long races, which is a common problem.What is Wedge in Dirt Racing?

Adjusting a dirt car can involve a wide range of choices, but there are a few which have particular impacts on the balancing capabilities of the vehicle. These include the rear bite on a dirt track car, the wedge, the rear weight, the spring rate, the left weight, and the tracking of the wheels. There are some other considerations too, and you’ll want to include those in your decisions, but those we just mentioned are the most crucial for success. Now that you’re aware of the need for a balanced car, let’s explore it further.

Corner Weights For Oval Racing

One of the most essential measurements that you as a driver should be aware of is the percentage of weight that is occupied by the left side of the vehicle. To ensure the best traction from the corner weight, the tires at the back should be under maximum pressure. There are some other elements involved in traction, but these are the main ones. When a car enters a corner on a cross weight circle track, the balance of weight in the car moves from the left to the right. If the weight on the left is too much, the car will not turn properly, which can cause delays and cost you time. The car will drift along the track instead.

On the other hand, if there is too little weight on the lift, the car will enter the corner, but not have the necessary traction. When a track becomes dry and slow, the amount of weight moving from the left side to the right side declines. This is because the car is having less force exerted upon it. To ensure the balance is maintained on a cross weight dirt track, the weight should be similar on either side. Achieving this usually means removing weight from the left of the vehicle, decreasing the roll center, or increasing the gravity center.

Balancing The Car With Wedge

Wedge is a measurement often connected with the amount of weight on the left of the car. When the car enters a corner, the wheels move left and the weight transfer we mentioned begins. The tire at the rear on the left loses the greatest amount of weight, and the difference in its weight compared to the right-hand rear tire is known as the wedge. If the wedge is too high, then that means the left-hand rear tire is too heavy, and the car will not handle well as it’s steered through the corner. If there is only a small amount of wedge above requirements, then you’ll notice a feeling of tightness when the car speeds up after finishing the corner. Managing the wedge is also helpful if you’re wondering how do you get a side bite out of a dirt car because it will affect the level of traction.What is Wedge in Dirt Racing?


Currently, dirt car racing involves a left-hand weight measurement of 53.5-55, along with a wedge between 75-125 pounds. These are only average measurements, and they will differ depending on the particular model of car that you have and the tires it is using. Some cars have won whilst using wedge and left-hand weight numbers that are very different compared to these figures. This means that your best option is to figure out what your specific car responds well to. As long as you are the winner, then there is no correct or incorrect answer. To learn more, consider undertaking dirt track racing classes.

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