It’s mostly old school to buy tires the way they’ve been purchased since 1959. Why settle for driving to a local tire specialist or a big-box retailer to get tired when you can shop for them online and get them delivered? Although there might be good reasons to do it the traditional way, it’s time to make things easier and more convenient for you.

You enjoy at least five benefits when you choose to go for an online tire retailer than a local tire specialist. The benefits include the following:

  • Price – There’s always bound to be a difference in the price. Sometimes, online retailers might have a reduced price compared to the local tire retailer and vice versa. However, brand new tires have great deals you can’t beat when you shop for them online. You will want new tires when you are a beginner to dirt track racing.
  • Selection – An online retailer has a wide range of choices to offer you based on your location, specificity, and needs. The most sought out tires seems to be dirt track tires and how to prepare dirt track tires before racing.
  • Customer Service – With a wide range of FAQs to answer your questions and online chat functions, as well as call representation to answer any of your present needs, online tire retailers may just be edging over local tire retailers on this one.
  • Fast Shipping – As long as you’ve ordered for it, you’re going to get it shipped fast enough to the location you want, and although it may cost you a certain amount, it’s going to be worth it.
  • Excellent Information – With loads of reviews on the ground to peruse, you can get excellent information on all available tires. The vast information on make, model, recommended replacements, original equipment tires, and even winter tires help you make the right choices before purchasing the tire you want.
Best Places to Buy Tires Online
Best Places to Buy Tires Online

Here a list of the best places to buy tires online as there are thousands of sites out there that can’t help you. So, when next you plan on buying tires online, check out the following websites:

Our Best 7 Online Tire Retailers

Element Wheels

Our number one choice is Element Wheels, and it’s all for good reasons. Element, has a wide selection of custom rims lease and significant brand tires to sell. From model 3, cars, and trucks, to ATV tires, Jeep and semi-truck big rug tires, and that’s not excluding the four-wheel-drive tires, they’ve got you covered. Their delivery is nationwide.

They are one of the few Snap Finance’s and Progressive Leasing’s that offer No Credit Needed lease to own wheels or tires. It also takes a few minutes to apply whether you are short on cash, have no credit, or have bad credit. Their program makes it suitable to rent a tire, a rim of a wheel, as well as buy tires, rims, and wheels.

All you need to apply for this are the following; be at least 18 years or older, have a credit or debit card, have a government-issued photo ID, a checking account and routing number as well as a Social Security number or ITIN. Once your order is processed, you’ll get it delivered in 5 business days.

With over 35 years of experience, Dan the Tire Man is at the top of our best places to buy tires online as they offer leasing and sales of tires for all vehicles.

Tire Rack

Tire Rack, dubbed the king of online tire retailers, is one of the best places to buy tires online. They have consistently sold excellent tires and were the first retailers to utilize the internet and turn it into a sales venture. Their site includes all you need to know and everything you need to know about tires.

Discount Tire Direct

What once started as selling tires through multi-page ads in popular magazines has gone on to capitalize on the use of the internet and make millions of sales. Discount Tire Direct has a wide selection of tires from household brand names to little known brands. They ship directly to your home and have several stores in different locations across the country to handle balancing and mounting needs.

Best Online Tire Store
Best Online Tire Store

Although new to the tire industry, has made itself a force to reckon with. Their Amazon Prime membership option allows you to benefit from the free shipping policy. also offers a wide range of selection for you to choose from and order.


Goodyear primes themselves on customer satisfaction as they offer you the option of purchasing tires via their website and shipping them to a local Goodyear tire retailer or straight to your doorstep. But as the name implies, the only tires you’re going to be getting will be Goodyear tires. So, if you’re looking for other brands, you will have to search elsewhere as only Goodyear tires are sold here.


National Tire and Battery, also known as NTB, offers you a vast selection of famous brands and popular brands only. You can order and buy online through their website and have them shipped to your doorstep. They also offer shipping to their service centers where you can have the tires balanced and mounted, as well as have your old tires adequately disposed of.


Walmart is a retailing giant that has sold tires for years. It’s enormous stores with garage facilities make it much easier to balance and mount new tires as well as dispose of the old tires. Ordering through their website can also get them to ship the tires straight to your doorstep.

Whatever your choices are, these online tire retailers will provide you with the best tires you need.

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