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Dirtpocolypse Series

Dirtpocolypse Endurance 4 Cylinder Racing Series Announced

Get your cars ready for war!  Dirtpocolypse 2017 is about ready to roll.  Who will survive to take home the big money?!?

This new racing series is for 4 cylinder, front wheel drive cars running 45 minute endurance races at Southern Raceway.

Click here for all the rules and the entry form.

Races are scheduled for April 1st, June 2nd and July 2nd.  $100 entry fee per race.  Purses, based on at least 20 entries is $1,000 for first, $500 for 2nd, $300 for 3rd, $200 for 4th and $100 for 5th.  If we have 40+ cars, then the purse doubles.  60+ cars it triples.  So you get the idea…big money, lots of fun and the title of Mad Max of Southern if you survive the Dirtpocolypse!