The No. 22g team that competes in the Vintage Class at Southern Raceway has been penalized as a result of a rules violation committed by that Teams Pit Crew after the Feature Event on June 21, 2014.  The No. 22G car Pit crew Members violated Sections 13 and 14 of the 2014 Official Southern Raceway General Rules as published.

    13. No competitor shall subject any track official to abuse or improper language at any time. Any violations will be subject to fine or suspension. Drivers and car owners are responsible for their pit crew and family members actions. Any complaints must be presented to the pit steward, in a civil manner (preferably written) , who will confer with judge. Only driver is allowed to issue protest. If a driver cannot control his pit crew, he and his crew can and will be suspended from the track for any given period of time. NO ONE, under any circumstances, is allowed on the FLAGSTAND or SCORING TOWER or in its area - this will cost the driver a fine of $200 and/or suspension.

    14. Any competitor, driver, owner, mechanic, etc. who takes part in demonstrations or fights on the track premises before, during or after the race shale be subject to fines of $100 minimum, loss of prize money and championship points and/or suspension.
As a result of actions by the crew after the Feature event The Driver of the 22G Team, Ricky Haugen, is suspended from entering in any events, in any class, unitl August 10, 2014.

In accordance with an agreement reached earlier this year These Penalties will be enforced at the 3 Area Tracks, Southern Raceway, Flomaton Speedway, NWFL Speedway.

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